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End-to-end Integrated Supply Chain Planning

Concurrent planning for long and short periods

From Strategic Planning to Daily Operations

The Convect Flow Engine uses AI to optimize your supply chain, helping you reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction.

Fast Implementation

According to Gartner, digital supply chain projects take 13 months to implement. The long wait is a major obstacle.

It only takes us 1.3 months, from start to finish.

Week 1

Verify software with small test cases.

Weeks 2-4

Gather data for a supply chain digital-twin.

Week 5

Train the team. Start planning.

Act in Synchronization

Under cascading planning models, sales, production, and procurement departments rely on their own experience to make independent decisions, leading to inconsistencies among supply, production, and sales.

The Flow Engine generates inventory, production, and material requirement plans with one click, realizing data sharing and integrated decision-making among supply, production, and sales parties, making enterprise operations more efficient.

Optimize Decisions

Use AI and optimizaiton technologies to place the right amount of products at the right time and the right place.

Why working with us

Convect AI helps the best brands become faster

Faster Responses

Eliminate manual work in handling supply chain planning. Automate your operations using AI-powered tools.

Faster Collaboration

Streamline S&OP by allowing all departments to work on the same platform.

Faster Deployment

Use the cloud-based applications and realize benefits in three weeks instead of nine months.

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