Network Flow Optimizer

Balance supply and demand throughout the supply chain

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An optimization engine
to balance the supply chain holistically

Continuously rebalance the supply chain to quickly respond to changes

The ultimate goal of supply chain planning is to allocate the right amount of supply at the right location and the right time to satisfy customers' ever-changing demand.

The Convect Flow Optimizer is the world's first software that puts the entire supply-demand network in a holistic view.

It matches the supply and demand at the most granular level, allowing companies to better serve customers at a lower cost.

Use Cases

Inventory Planning

Build resilient and efficient inventory by unifying purchasing, stock transfer, and store replenishment operations.

Production Planning

Buy the right amount of materials at the right location and the right time. Schedule production at each plant.

Logistics Planning

Quick adjust routes and fleet operation in response to frequent changes in your logistics network.


Our algorithms work at irregular times as well as regular times. Deviations and disruptions can occur in different shapes and forms. Whether it is shutting down a DC due to pandemic or a missing a delivery from a supplier, it is imperative to be able to quickly respond to such events. Our software allows you to continuously rebalance the inventory and logistics networks to meet demand at the fine granular level.

Open APIs

Use our APIs to seamlessly integrate the decision engine in your existing business processes. Import data in multiple formats. Call the planning API to create the optimal inventory, production, or logistic plan based on customizable business constraints. Export the plan to your existing ERP system. This can be done without your worrying about the complexity of the computing infrastructure.


Unified Supply Chain Ops

Unify procurement, stock transfer, and replenishment operations.

Forward Looking

Look into how the supply chain will change in each time period in the planning horizon.

What-if Analysis

Experiment with different business strategies, and compare their results.

Fair Share

When there is not enough supply to meet all demand, ensure each node gets a fair share.

Custom Objectives

You decide what is most important, to lower overall cost or speed up delivery.

Easy Integration

Use flexible APIs to integrate with existing processes and systems.