Send Data to Applications

Define rules to send your standardized data to external applications,
both in real time or in batches

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Example Use Case

Automate Dropshipping Order Management

You have multiple sellers on multiple ecommerce platforms. Your sellers have to send you what their customers have bought so that you can notify the warehouses to fulfill the orders. This is a painful and error-prone manual process.

With the Convect platform, you can collect the orders from all sellers, and then let the dispatcher send the order to your Order Management System, or the warehouse directly, in real time.

Besides, you can let Convect collect your real-time inventory information, and dispatch that information to the seller's ecommerce platform, so that they won't oversell your products.


Real time

Transfer data out as when they come in, using event streaming.

Batch update

Schedule data transfer with hourly, daily, weekly intervals.

Custom filter

You control which part of the data is sent out.


Use functions to transform the data before sending out.


Send data in JSON, XML, CSV, and other formats.

Open API

Use the API to have full control of the pipeline.