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Bring together your sales and supply chain data into one platform

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Data Togetherness

You sell on multiple platforms and stock inventory in multiple warehouses.
We bring your data from all those systems into one platform.


Collect all sales and supply chain data

Collect all data about the product, from sales channels, warehouses, purchase orders, and planning systems.


Join data streams into one view

Different systems use different keys to identify your product. We help you define rules to connect them together.


Query your data from centralized data warehouse

Use API, SDK, and SQL to query your data from the unified database.



Connect to your data sources through a library of API and EDI integrations.

Secure connections

We ensure the secure transfer of your data between systems.

Product mapping

Match products in multiple systems by SKU, barcode, rules, or manually.

Fresh data

Data is fetched from the source automatically, at the frequency you need.


Receive alerts and act on them when a data source is not updated properly.

Event driven

Use event driven webhooks to receive realtime data as they occur.