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Data Science

Have a fleet of servers and still rely on SSH to use Jupyter or run workloads? Never know which server has available GPUs? Consider pooling your compute resources and use a data science platform backed by the pool.

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A Versatile Platform for Data Science Teams

Your private cluster

All the compute and storage nodes are backed by your own fleet. We only manage a control plane that orchestrates the resources and will not store your data. Don’t pay for expensive bills. You own the resources.

Zero Maintenance

You will have a hosted data science platform and we tackle the heavy lifting of maintaining it. Adding a new server to the compute pool only requires a single line of command.

Productivity boost

Give your team a centralized platform to work on data science problems. Allow them to use a pool of resources to conduct massive experiments and enable distributed machine learning workloads.

Start a control plane

Convect will manage a hosted control plane for your platform. The control plane is used for orchestrating computing resources registered and common services, and will not run user workloads or store user data.

Register your server to the control plane

You can register your own servers to the control plane by running a single command. The registered servers will be used to run user workloads and store user data, as a pool.

Start programming

Your team member can visit Hub UI to start a jupyter server or run ML workloads — all backed by your own fleet of servers registered to the control plane!

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