Convect AI is changing the way how the complex decision problems in operations are solved

Our founding team have many years of experience building supply chain optimization solutions for companies like Apple and Our Advisory board are leading experts in supply chain theory and applications. We also partner with leading clouding computing and logistics service providers to serve our common customers.

Meet our core team

Ethan Zhang

Co-founder and CEO

Ethan is a Silicon Valley veteran with 20 years of work experience in delivering enterprise software and AI-powered applications.

He was a founding member of the Linkedin team that invented and pioneered the term Data Science. He helped create the modern AI infrastructure and many AI applications that are still being used today.

Before founding Convect AI, Ethan worked as a technical director at and helped build's smart supply chain that operates the network consisting of hundreds of warehouses and hundreds of millions of SKUs.

Bin Yu


Bin is a veteran in delivering optimization-based solutions to help companies maximize their operating efficiency.

Before founding Convect AI, Bin worked as the tech leader of Apple's algorithmic supply chain team and helped to build the world's most profitable, and efficient supply chain network.

Previously, Bin was a Staff Engineer at and led a team of Data Scientists and Engineers to optimize's massive scale supply chain network.

Yuhui Shi


Yuhui is a practitioner in delivering enterprise software to help companies operate more efficiently.

Before founding Convect AI, he was the tech lead of Meta's (formerly Facebook) enterprise applied ML team. Previously, he worked as a Senior Engineer at and pioneered works using ML and optimization to operate's massive supply chain network in an autonomous manner.

Yuhui is the recipient of several practitioner awards in the area of optimization for his contribution to making real-world impacts by adopting optimization and engineering practices in enterprise operations.

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