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More resilient and responsive supply chain, powered by data and optimization, customizable to your business needs.

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What you can do with Convect

Bring all data together,
wherever they are

Take your Excel spreadsheets out of their silos. In the world's first Operations Data Platform, validate them, connect them, and achieve end-to-end data visibility.

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Make smart decisions,
starting with supply chain

Build a responsive supply chain using our proven optimization engine. Adapt production and transportation to demand changes in real time.

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Production Planning
Inventory Optimization
Transportation Planning
Demand Planning
Production Scheduling
Network Optimization

Why people love Convect


Truly AI-backed algorithms make optimizations across the entire supply chain network.

Easy to use

If you know how to use Excel, then you know how to use Convect's intuitive user interface.


Don't change your process to fit the software. Let them work for you and your need.

Convect for Marketing Teams

Unified product view
for all channels

Get a holistic view of all your products in two dimensions: between different channels and between different times.

Convect for Supply Chain Teams

Balance supply and
demand in real time

By compiling all your supply chain data into one place, you can finally have a complete view of your operations: manage your supply chain in the 360° view control tower, forecast demand for every online channel and physical store, run predictive analysis to keep the supply chain healthy, and a lot more.

Convect for Engineering Teams

Open API

You own your data. Your engineers can query them using SQL, Python, and 20+ other programming languages. With our application runner, they can also easily write and deploy more AI and optimization programs.

Why working with us

Convect helps the best brands become faster

Faster Responses

Eliminate manual work in handling orders and supply chain. Automate your operations.

Faster Collaboration

Streamline S&OP by allowing all departments to work on the same platform.

Faster Deployment

Call our API and realize benefits in three weeks instead of nine months.

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